Muriel's Story


A Vibrant Woman, Generous in Spirit and in the Prime of Her Life

Muriel Lagnese was a devoted wife, wonderful daughter and fun loving aunt as well as an intelligent and successful businesswoman. Her life changed dramatically in 2004 when she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 50. She was one of a growing number of patients who have late onset disease discovered in adulthood.

Through her struggle, the Lagnese family discovered that Cystic Fibrosis impacts nearly every aspect of the lives of both the patient and those closest to him or her. This insidious, incurable and life shortening disease requires extensive and costly medical care. Muriel was blessed with excellent health insurance from her employer and was able to pursue most treatments and medications without worry of cost or coverage. She recognized that many of her fellow patients were not as fortunate and were often overwhelmed by the financial burden of CF. One of her last wishes was for her husband, Les, to take all of the unused medications and supplies she had accumulated to the clinic so that t hey may be used by those less fortunate. To honor the life of Muriel and to help others going through a similar struggle, the Lagnese Family created Muriel's Breath of Life.